About Us

Many of our customers, after having visited our shop, ask us the questions "Why honey?" and "Why Chudleigh?"... this is Our Story.

We are a Dutch family who migrated to Australia in the early 1980's. Prior to moving to Tasmania we had spent 15 years in Western Australia. We were attracted to Tasmania because of its beauty, European feel and cooler climate.

Chudleigh lies in one of the prettiest valleys in Tasmania. All round the village dairy cows lazely graze on lush green grassy meadows. Whilst in the back drop the majestic Great Western Tiers rise formiddably in all their splendour. Chudleigh lies at the edge of the great Tasmanian Wilderness... one of the last wild places on earth.
It was not difficult to settle in this piece of Paradise.

Tasmania is well known for it's clean and green food that it produces. 

The idea to start a themed business focused on honey started with our late husband and father, Henk. He was a real gourmet and had a track record in producing fine foods. He understood food, and because of thishe saw it as a challenge to create new products from one of the finest Tasmanian natural resources... HONEY.

Together with all the 'specialists' in the family we developed our Honey Farm. It is a theme business which manufactures and sells a wide range of honey, honey bee products like propolis, royal jelly, pollen and a large selection of lovely gift items and books. We have a showcase of old beekeeping implements as well as an interactive beehive and a live bee exhibition hive.

We enjoy working together and each provide our unique talents to the business. 

Fanny has a background in clinical nutrition and loves to talk about the medicinal and nutritional values of our Tasmanian Manuka Honey as well as our wide range of other health products. Lida and Fanny look after the feminine side of the shop, that is, they make sure everything looks pretty. They enjoy making our visitors feel welcome and are always on the lookout for new, funny and unique gift items.

Remmo has the artistic input. He designs the labels, point of sale material and this website.

But our greatest joy and blessing is to work with honey and to interact with our customers. This excites us to many more ideas and goals for the future. So, whoever you may be that has read this little story about us, stay tuned because we hope to excite you too.

Lida, Remmo and Fanny Beerepoot