Tasmanian Wilderness Honeycomb

Leatherwood Honeycomb

This is the most raw form of honey tou can get. The honeycomb has been cut straight from the hive - it has not been heated or modified and preserves the full aroma and flavour of the honey.

Marvel at the amazing beauty of the work of the bee, who constructs the perfect comb and fills each cell with the nectar of thousands of flowers. It is beautiful to look at and delicious to taste.

You can eat it by simpy cutting it into chunks. This is the simplest way. Or spread it onto warm white bread with fresh butter. Drop chunks into your muesli with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, or go all out and serve with on a cheese platter - it is a great accompaniament to particularly sharp cheeses.

The honeycomb is totally edible. The wax is soft and chewy.


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