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Explore and taste the wonderful world of Tasmanian and Australian honey at Melita Honey Farm. Take a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of the bee and the honey she produces.

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    Taste the Wilderness at Melita Honey Farm. Sample some of the many honey varieties on offer, and enjoy bite-size testers of our delicious honey nougat!

  • In-Store

    Explore what really goes on inside a beehive at our store, all from behind the safety of glass of course. Watch the worker bees spin their precious nectar into liquid gold and maybe even see a baby bee hatch!

  • Real Honey
    Ice Cream

    Freshly made here in Chudleigh. Choose from 12 different flavours, including our signature Leatherwood honey - all made with fresh Tasmanian milk, cream and pure honey!


It all started with an idea to create new products from one of the finest Tasmanian natural resources…honey! Founded by the Beerepoot family in 2001, Melita Honey Farm is now a well-established producer of pure, handmade honey and beeswax products.

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