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Smooth Round Beeswax Pillar Candles

100% pure Tasmanian beeswax, hand poured candles.
Natural cotton wick.

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All Natural Beeswax Candles

Melita Beeswax Candles are made using 100% pure Tasmanian beeswax so they burn for a long time, smell delicious and burn clean, so no toxic fumes fill your home. Each candle is hand wicked using natural cotton and hand poured. Mix and match your favourite shapes and sizes. Perfect for a gift!

Why Beeswax?

Unlike paraffin with chemicals that can harm your health, beeswax gives off no soot, smoke, or chemicals, and even releases negative ions, which can help purify the air.

Natural Scent
Beeswax smells perfectly natural without any added artificial fragrances. The scent is subtle, sweet and calming.

Long Lasting Burn Time
Even though beeswax is more expensive, it burns longer than soy or paraffin candles so it’s worth the extra investment.

Our beeswax is sustainably sourced from local Tasmanian bee hives, where the bees are very well looked after.

Handmade in Tasmania...

Melita beeswax candles are hand-poured here in Chudleigh, Tasmania, using 100% pure, locally sourced Tasmanian beeswax.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Melita Honey Farm is the best place to shop and visit.

Ksenija Pejic
Beeswax candles!

Thank you for your lovely candles... I love that they are pure beeswax and they smell like my home is filled with honey... I am giving these candles out to family and friends and hope to order more.

Amie Bee
Gorgeous as always

I used to make my own beeswax candles as my family are commmercial beekeepers on the mainland. I stopped doing this when I moved to Tassie because I found your gorgeous candles. Everyone is always beautiful. We use them every day and just love them. Keep up the beautiful production.