Four Thieves Vinegar with Manuka Honey

During the gruesome days of the Black Death in France in 1628 the homes of the dying were being ransacked.

At first the authorities did nothing, assuming that the foolish thieves would die of the plague. However the robberies continued and people began to wonder why the robbers had not become ill and died. It was then that the authorities began to pursue the thieves... to discover the secret of their immunity to the Plague.

Four thieves were eventually caught and were condemned to be burned at the stake for their crimes. However the king of France offered to mitigate their sentence if they would reveal their secret in how they had been avoiding death by the plague.

The thieves told all revealing a secret blend of aromatic herbs steeped in vinegar.

All four thieves were then hung.

Their lasting legacy is this tonic which has powerful properties and is still used in France today.

We have found an ancient copy of the recipe of this healty tonic and decided to give it a little modern twist through the addition of Tasmanian Manuka Honey. Manuka honey has well known health promoting properties, and its addition into this ancient tonic takes it to another level.

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