Non Alcoholic Mead - Spiced Mandarin

The armies of George the Brave and Eric theTerrible fought an epic battle that lasted four weeks. This battle would decide once and for all who would become the ruler of the kingdom and, more importantly, who could claim the hand of the fairest maiden of the land!

The battle was hard and each night the men were exhausted, burdened under their heavy suits of armour.

But George had a special weapon up his sleeve... a special tonic of honey, spices and citrus that he had discovered on one of his crusades to the far reaches of the growing kingdom.

He gave each of his brave knights a draught of this tonic after each battle. It revived their energy and restored their hope.

George the Brave credited his victory in battle to this tonic, known as mead today.

With it he gained a kingdom and won the heart of the fairest maiden....

What can it do for you?

Size: 250ml

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